Tailoring Business


In 2015,  a grant provided by GAM began "Garments of Praise" tailoring shop in western Kenya. Margaret* and her assistant manage the shop.  They also sew the beautiful hand tailored traditional women's dresses,  and school uniforms en masse. Prior to opening the shop, the women were unemployed. Now they are earning an income, developing their trade, and enjoying the enterprise of running a business.


General Manager

Like many women in Kenya, Debbie* found it was important that she work to supplement her husband income for their family to make ends meet.  When her children were young she began selling vegetables.  Over the years she worked with neighbours and several womens' church groups as they tried raising chickens and goats which they sold at a profit. They also organized "table banking". Eventually Debbie established a small kiosk (shop) adjacent to her house, where she sells various household goods to her rural neighbours.

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In 2017, Debbie helped her husband begin a water delivery business in Eastern Kenya, made possible through a grant obtained from GAM. She was involved with every detail including the purchase of the large Mitsubishi truck that they use to deliver 10,000 litres of water to several locations and businesses.  Over time Debbie became the general manager co-ordinating the day to day operations,  working with 6 associates and employees (all men), and consulting with the business bookkeeper.  

Debbie does not have formal training in business management, yet over the years through trial and error, she has gained sufficient knowledge about how to succeed in business.  She has become a leader in her community and is an inspiration to many women.  Debbie's tenacity and hard work have paid off. 

*All names have been changed to protect confidentiality.