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Restored hope

We met in April 2017, and the girls shared the many challenges they faced in their efforts to go to high school.  One girl waited a full year for funding, the others went to school only to be sent home time and time again, for lack of school fees.  The parents did whatever they could to raise funds to keep their daughters in school.

Scholarships were provided by GAM through generous supporters.  The girls are in top notch schools and they are doing well.  We expect they will go onto college or university.  They are working hard to achieve their dreams and we believe that they will succeed.



Empowered in university

In spite of many challenges and humble beginnings, Linda * did well in her high school studies.  Her marks were sufficient for her to obtain a grant from a national Kenyan bank that agreed to pay for 50% of her tuition for a Bachelor of Commerce degree.  

However Linda's family really struggled to cover her remaining tuition and living expenses. Linda did not sit for her first term examinations because her tuition was in arrears.  Mid-way through second term her mother asked neighbours and friends to help out with the fees.  She even sold household items to raise the funds needed to pay what was owing to the university.  Although it seemed impossible, her mother was determined to help her daughter obtain an education.

Through the generous support of a local business woman, GAM was able to step in and pay for Linda's 2nd term tuition and living expenses.  And we anticipate that support for Linda will be available until she graduates. Linda and her family are so thankful.  She is doing well and can now concentrate more fully on her university studies without financial stress.  


*All names have been changed to protect confidentiality.