RIGHT TO BE - We have 10 girls in high school!

The 2018 school year in Kenya has just begun.  

We are happy to announce that with the generous support of Right to be sponsors, we have added three Grade 9 girls to our high school roster, bringing it to a total of 10 girls who are receiving scholarships to continue their studies in high school.  

High school is quite expensive in Kenya.  Most parents really struggle to keep their girls in school.  Often they are forced to drop out for lack of funds.  Annual cost is approximately $600-$800.  Even with a scholarship to cover tuition and boarding, we keep parents involved by having them pay for transportation, books, school uniforms, and extracurricular activities. We know that our partnership with the parents and the girls is essential to keep everyone involved and striving to achieve the same goal.

The girls are doing us proud.  Their marks have been very good, several are the top students in their grade.  They are motivated ladies and we are standing behind them in their efforts to get an education!

This means we now now are providing high school scholarships to 10 girls.  We also have one RTB girl fully funded to attend university.  

Total budget for 2018 is approximately, $7500.  We currently have Budget shortfall is approximately $3,500.  

We need your help!

Please support Right to be and help these girls achieve their dreams!

You can donate online through Canada Helps Org.