University going students!

Graceland Africa Mission

We are so pleased to announce that GAM is able to support two students attending university this September;  

both are working to attain a Bachelor of Commerce degree.  

John* did very well in his secondary school studies, but being an orphan, he was unable to secure funding to continue his education.  GAM was able to provide him with scholarships for his secondary school studies; and now though the generous support of a donor we are able to assist him with his university expenses.  His elderly grandmother,  his shosho,  is very thankful for the support.

Linda* is also in 2nd year attending a women's university in Nairobi. Linda also did very well in high school and gained acceptance into an accelerated degree program which allows her to complete her 4 year degree in 3 years.  Linda's mother tried her best to finance her daughters education.  She canvased neighbours and friends for financial help; she sold some of her household items.  But it became apparent that without assistance, it would be very difficult for her to keep Linda in university.  The generous support of a donor has lifted the burden.  Linda now has sufficient funds for her tuition, living expenses, and even a little bit extra for personal items.

We are so proud of Linda and John.  They are working hard and doing well in their studies.  In a few years we will be celebrating their graduation!  GAM's first university graduates.

*All names have been changed to protect confidentiality.


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