working in kenya since 2005



"Our desire then is our desire now.  

We want to help Kenyans help themselves."



"We seek a world where people are empowered to overcome poverty and social insecurity, ethnic and gender inequity; a world where they have the opportunity to achieve their hopes and dreams."


Our story ...

Graceland Africa Mission began work in Kenya in 2005. The founding directors were motivated to bring change and hope to Kenyans suffering under the relentless oppression of poverty. Our goal was to provide not only financial support, but more importantly, leadership, training and education.

Graceland Africa Mission’s goals and objectives have been developed and modified over the course of the last fourteen years. Extensive experience on the ground has helped us to increase our understanding of life in Kenya in urban and rural locations; from Mwingi on the edge of the eastern corridor to Amagoro on the western boarder with Uganda.

Our desire then is our desire now. We want to help Kenyans help themselves. We are not in Kenya to implement our programs, but rather we are there to help Kenyans implement their own solutions to the problems that they face.    

We still believe in respectful partnerships that are based on transparency, trust, reliability and accountability. With the right partners, we can and have indeed achieved great impact.