Financing education is investing in potential. We provide scholarships to students in primary school, secondary school, college and university.

Helping Kenyans obtain an education is an investment. It will open doors for them to obtain meaningful employment, develop financial security,   and impact their society.

Education inspires hope and motivation.


The need

In spite of "free schooling"  children in Kenya are denied their right to a basic education. Thousands of children are sent home from school because they lack shoes or a school uniform, items their parents or guardians cannot afford to buy.  Many government schools are overcrowded with up to 60 students per class.  Often these schools lack the basics like enough desks and books, decent latrines and other necessities that make school a good learning environment. Private schools have sprung up to fill the need, but often parents lack the funds needed to pay for tuition. 

Our solution

ONE FOR ONE - Child scholarship Program

One for One is a network of people with a vision to invest in Africans. Contrary to what is commonly shown in the news, Africa is brimming with potential. Although the needs are great, Africa is not lacking in intelligence or motivation. The goal of One for One – Child Scholarship & Community Grant Program is to help Kenyans reach their potential.

Scholarships are given to children who need financial support to attend school. Scholarships pay for school fees, school uniforms,  school supplies and medical needs.

Community Grants are used to fund projects that promote sustainable economic development with the parents and guardians of the children in the program. 

An annual donation of $300 provides a scholarship and a grant to people in need; only $20 per child is deducted for our operating expenses. Annual reports are mailed to sponsors; and donors have the opportunity to communicate with their a student through letters and photos. An optional donation of $25 provides the children with much appreciated Christmas presents like solar lamps and blankets.

Although a donors financial commitment is essentially for only a year, the children and their family are very thankful for every year that you choose to renew your investment in their future.