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Posted in Posts  by Editor on March 10th, 2017

One for One – 2016 Report 

One for One children and parents are a community on the move. The children no longer bear the shame of wearing faded, old, ripped school uniforms. They no longer have to worry about being sent home for lack of school fees. They are confident and happy; able to concentrate on their studies. They are good!

In just 3 years, our investment in these families has made a substantial difference. Like the children, our parents have gained confidence and hope. They are striving to elevate their families standard of living. Some have been able to get a better job. Many have improved their farming practices. Some have gone to school to study farming or bookkeeping or early childhood education. Together they are moving forward. We thank God for the significant impact One for One is having on this community.


Girls Scholarship Program

Posted in Posts  by Editor on March 8th, 2017

Graceland Africa Mission – GIRLS SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM 

In 2016 Graceland Africa Mission launched Right to be, a program assisting girls continue their education beyond primary school. We assisted four girls entering high school.  The girls did well in their studies and are so grateful to have this opportunity.

Right to be – Report 2016

This year we have added 3 more girls to the program.  We currently need assistance to support these new girls.  School fees for one year is approximately $700.  Graceland Africa Mission takes only $20 per student per year to cover operating costs.  The rest of your donation goes directly to helping the girls in Kenya.


We are grateful for the generous support of four successful women in Canada who have provided these girls with academic scholarships in 2016.  Please consider joining the movement.  Education is an important component in achieving gender equality.