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Posted in Posts  by Editor on March 24th, 2016

GAM 2015 Annual Report


When I think of hope I think of dancing. I remember bring- ing goats to the remote village of Mulango. As we arrived with a dozen of these animals, people spontaneously started dancing. They fell into a swaying motion, clapping and singing. Their faces showed it all: hope.

I have seen it time and time again. I saw it while visiting the Masai people far out on the savannah plains with my daughter, Holly. I saw it in the face of a young boy with HIV whom we fund for school. I saw it in the face of a grandmother as I helped her plan a future business for ladies in her village.

I’ve seen that sometimes hope is solemn. It’s solemn in the
tall, proud stance of the school children as they receive their
school shoes and books for the upcoming school year. It’s solemn because they know it’s now up to them. Up to them to work hard. To dream. To succeed.

We ourselves don’t change peoples lives. No charity, no amount of money can do that. It’s up to the people themselves. We only give them the chance. We partner with them and give them the opportunity to reach towards attaining their goals. We encourage people. We support their dreams.

Our sincere thanks goes out to you our faithful supporters. You have been a part of this transforma- tion. You haven’t just given money to a charity. You have invested in people. You have financed hope.

My goal is that in the following pages of our Annual Report, you would be encouraged as you see the tremendous good to which you have contributed. I want you to see what I have seen: hope.

Diane Laakso, Founder and President